Find flight itineraries from airlines where you have ZED benefits

If you have ever tried to use the existing tools to find out which airline you can use to get to a certain destination, you must have suffered the frustration of not being able to search within all the airlines where you have benefits, forcing you to try one by one. GetZed helps you find flights to wherever you want to fly and on the dates you want to fly.

GetZed is a customized search form that takes you to a search result page in Google Flights. The results will show only itineraries where you can use ZED tickets (on airlines where you have benefits) throughout the whole trip. Please have in mind that prices will show the full fare, not the ZED fare that depends on the level of agreement. To make the actual booking you still have to go through the available booking tools; only this time you will already know which specific flights to book.

To start, select your company and preferred language and... have a nice flight!

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